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girl picking flowers in a feild full of sunflowers

Welcome to rooted. Everything here is created by me - Kristine Hiles. 


I was born a creator but in a world full of “stuff”, it is hard to want to create more “stuff”. 


Rooted is a collection of hand made goods that have purpose, if only to bring joy, with less environmental impact. 


My roots are in a small town in Southern Ontario where my creativity, as well as my love for nature sparked at a young age. It is hard to not be inspired by the land’s natural beauty. 


I fell in love with the art of pressing flowers, it gives me an excuse to surround myself with nature, where I am happiest. And I decided to make my own soap because of my very sensitive and irritable skin. There is something so magical about the process, and I was instantly hooked. 


Rooted allows me to reconnect with nature, reminds me to appreciate even the tiniest flower and brings me together with good people.


I want to thank you for visiting and I hope my hands can create something that brings you and/or your loved ones even the tiniest amount of joy.


                    - K


oh hey, how are ya!

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